How To Choose Your Model Of Water Heater?

Water heaters come in different forms (vertical, horizontal, pedestal, wall) and with different functions and capacities.

A / Calculate The Capacity Of Your Water Heater

With a cumulus or balloon, it is important to calculate the need for domestic hot water. This will depend mainly on the number of people, the type of water heater and habits.

It is generally based on a minimum of 50 liters per day per person.

  • 100l water heater: for a house with a shower.
  • 200l water heater: for a home with a bath.
  • Cumulus 300l: for a family with three children and several bathrooms.

B /  Choose between the instantaneous water heater and storage water heater, then opt for a type of energy (electricity, gas, solar)

C /  Choose the flow you need. The current depends on the number of simultaneous users, your piping, the insulation of your sanitary piping. This is important. Otherwise, you will end up with the typical case where one person in the shower is under cold water while another is doing the dishes in the kitchen!

D / Choose the shape and size of your water heater according to the criteria above and the room in which you will install it.

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